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Department of Archives and Library Kab.Bekasi got Archival Working Visit Of Parliament Secretariat Lingga District in order to consultations on the Work Program which is in the Department of Archives and Library Bekasi and Archival Information System Applications in Bekasi.

Based on the information they receive from the National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia (ANRI) that Archival Information System in the Region Bekasi own and is active since a long time Archive and Library Office of Bekasi. so they come to visit to see firsthand what arrangement of archives and Archival Information System applications has been running on the Archives Office and Library of Bekasi Regency.

The Department of Archives and the Library of Bekasi Regency already have programs  structured work in accordance with the standardization of ANRI and based on the 1945 constitution such as archiving arrangements in the Archive Retention Schedule (JRA) in the Archives and Library Services of Bekasi Regency which have been implemented in stages, from 2015 to 2017 there are already around 23 (twenty-three) Government affairs of 34 (thirty-four) government affairs in Bekasi Regency which have been neglected. In the 23 (twenty three) government affairs, including JRA PERBUB No. 47 of 2015 concerning JRA Sector / Economic Affairs namely Transportation, Investment, Agriculture, Fisheries, and Strengthening, JRA PERBUB No. 104 of 2016 is divided into 2 (two) parts as follows: JRA Sector / Economic Affairs namely Agriculture, Forestry, Koprasi, Environment, Trade, Health, Population and Family Planning, and Youth and Sports. Whereas in this year the activities of the Preparation of Archive Retention (JRA) Sector / Regional Government and Development Planning activities are being carried out.

Archive and Library Department has had its own archive DEPO Building ie Building Record Center archives and archives to store both archive and archive vital others. Archives Service and District Library. Bekasi is currently in the process of digital-based Archival Information System application so that the process of transferring archiving media becomes more synergized. At the end of the visit the Department of Archive and Library Bekasi give token to the Parliament Secretariat in the form of books image Lingga District Bekasi Regency and vice versa Archive and Library Office of Bekasi also be given in the form of sovvenir as a token of appreciation from the Parliament Secretariat Lingga District.

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